Scholarship Fund Rules and Regulations

Eligibility for Award

The purpose of these awards is to give deserving students the chance to further their education at an accredited post-secondary institution.

    Academic Achievement: The student must have attained an acceptable average in the previous school year.

    Association Involvement: Favourable consideration will be given to those applicants who have participated in Association activities within the previous twelve months.

    Community Involvement: The scholarship is open to all members of the community, and favourable consideration will be given to individuals who are actively involved in volunteering activities at school or in the community.

    Student Status: The student must be registered as a full-time or part-time student at an accredited post-secondary institution.

    Accountability: In the event that a student has to drop out of the program in which they have been registered, it is imperative that the Association be informed. Depending on the circumstances, the student may be required to refund any or all of the money received for that academic year. Should the student not complete any one year, he/she will not be eligible for further scholarships until that year is completed at the student's expense.

    Limitation of Funding: The fund is limited to 5 consecutive years to students in any accredited 4 year program and 3 consecutive years to students in any 2 year accredited program.

    Late Applications: If, for any reason, an applicant believes they will be late in submitting a completed scholarship application form, they must contact the Association via email ( no later than August 15th, with the reasons as to the late submission. The scholarship committee will then rule as to whether the late application will be evaluated or not for the current academic year.

    Scholarship Payouts: All applicants will be mailed within the first week of September with the outcome of the Scholarship Committee evaluation. Scholarship payouts will happen following the approval of scholarships from the SLCCA Executive

    Closing Date: Application forms must be completed and returned to the above address no later than August 31st NO Exceptions, with the following

    1. Transcript of previous year's academic achievements.

    2. Two letters of reference (for first time applicants).

    3. Proof of registration to post secondary institution.

    ** It is vitally important that applicants get their scholarship applications in as early as possible, as any incomplete applications by the deadline date will not be considered.

    Please mail the completed scholarship application form to:

    The Scholarship Committee

    c/o: St. Lucia Calgary Cultural Association

    1135 – 37 Street SW

    Calgary, AB

    T3C 1S5

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Scholarship application form 2011 ver 2 (pdf)