Membership Information

Membership to The St Lucia Calgary Cultural Association is open to all individuals. Membership fees are due at the beginning of the fiscal year which runs from September 1st to August 31st

Types of Membership and Fees:

    Individual membership ($15.00/year) *Any person 18 years and older

    Family membership ($30.00) *Parent(s) plus dependant children under the age of 18

    Seniors membership ($10.00) *Any person 65 years and over

    Student membership ($10.00) *Full/Part Time students 25 years and under attending any institution of Secondary or Post-Secondary learning

To become a member, please complete the attached Membership Application and along with the membership fee forward to:

The St Lucia Calgary Cultural Association

1135 – 37 Street SW

Calgary AB T3C 1S5

For membership inquiries call (403) 217-1725

Membership Application Form

Membership App (pdf)